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Communications of the ACM

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COLUMN: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

This month will no doubt witness countless tributes and somber ceremonies around the world marking the first anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. While no words could ever truly capture …
DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

Symbols for Vagabond Users

Influencing Factors in the Computer Industry

COLUMN: Digital village

Responsible Web Caching

Putting the distribution control of the Web's intellectual content in the hands of those who created it.
COLUMN: The profession of IT

Career Redux

How can one design a career when career as an institution is dead? Entrepreneurs have an answer.
COLUMN: On site

Whatever Became of Integrity?

What responsibilities do those in the computing profession have for the moral integrity of what they do?
COLUMN: From the president

Making a Difference Through Computing Communities

As computing professionals we live in a variety of computing communities.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Information Management in the Aftermath of 9/11

The right to an individual's privacy and the right of a nation to protect itself hang in the balance.

A Year After 9/11: Where Are We Now?

The dissention over technology has migrated from the East to the West over the last 12 months.
SPECIAL ISSUE: The consumer side of search


Search engines are among the most useful and visible aspects of the Internet, with millions of searches performed every day by the major engines, not including the specialized ones created for the news media, law …

Finding the Flow in Web Site Search

Designing a search system and interface may best be served (and executed) by scrutinizing usability studies.

Personalized Search

A contextual computing approach may prove a breakthrough in personalized search efficiency.

Bias on the Web

When it comes to measuring bias on the Web, there is clearly strength in numbers (of search engines, that is).

Determining the Cost of It Services

Providing managerial information to explain costs in the context of personnel and equipment activities and processes.

Mobile Instant Messaging Through Hubbub

Associating online buddies with musical notes, Hubbub lets users (on both PCs and handhelds) interact by way of opportunistic impromptu exchanges, even as they move about.

Enduring Practices For Managing It Professionals

Assessing existing business practices to determine staff recruitment and retention capabilities.

Integrating Web Sites and Databases

Web site developers creating 'data-based Web pages' that interact with organizational databases need to know server- and client-side processing.

Improving Software Inspections with Group Process Support

The 'group process' governing any group interaction also influences a group's inspection performance.

The Most Important Issues in Knowledge Management

What can KM do for corporate memory, management thinking, and IS responsibility, as well as for overall business performance?

Engaging Students with Theory Through ACM Collegiate Programming Contest

How formal methods can be presented in a popular?but mathematically sound?manner to undergraduate students of various disciplines.
COLUMN: Thinking objectively

Merging Multiple Conventional Models in One Stable Model

Stability models may demand greater investment in analysis, but when used wisely, savings in development and maintenence costs more than make up for it.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Digital Rights Management

Digital rights management (DRM) is an attempt to provide "remote control" over digital content. The required level of protection goes beyond secure delivery of the bits?restrictions on the use of the content must …