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Communications of the ACM

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COLUMN: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

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COLUMN: Electronic frontier

True Blue and Vigilante, Too

Does encouraging citizens to work with law enforcement to fight crime have the potential for abuse?
COLUMN: From Washington

The Ever-Expanding Network of Local and Federal Databases

Walking the ethical and legal line when it comes to accessing personal information.
COLUMN: On site

A Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate-Level Program in Computer Science

A one-year pilot education, tuition-free, that could be shared under an open-source license with the rest of the world.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Rethinking the Value of It, Again

Challenging the view that IT is responsible for widespread productivity gains.
SPECIAL ISSUE: How the virtual inspires the real

How the Virtual Inspires the Real

The physical world increasingly approximates the virtual world of computer graphics.

The Power to Shape the World

Computer graphics not only helps shape our artifacts but our understanding of what is true about the physical world.

The Reality of Simulated Actors

The acting of actors will survive the digital revolution; their on-screen appearance may not.

Computer Games and Scientific Visualization

How should scientists approach the innovations in visualization-rendering systems increasingly derived from computer game tools, interfaces, navigation techniques, and plot lines?

Intraocular Surgery on a Virtual Eye

The EyeSi surgical simulation immerses the surgeon in an environment of real surgical instruments, virtual tissue deformations, and interactive 3D graphics.

From Images to 3D Models

How computers can automatically build realistic 3D models from 2D images acquired with a handheld camera.

Virtual Humans For Validating Maintenance Procedures

They can be sent to check the human aspects of complex physical systems by simulating assembly, repair, and maintenance tasks in a 3D virtual environment.

Collaborative Augmented Reality

Blending reality and virtuality, these interfaces let users see each other, along with virtual objects, allowing communication behaviors much more like face-to-face than like screen-based collaboration.

A Call For the Home Media Network

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."---Alan Kay "…or at least posit a vision for others to build."---The authors

Digital City Kyoto

Smart Card Evolution

Smart cards and their related technologies are an emerging component of electronic commerce worldwide. In some countries, they are revolutionizing aspects of commerce, healthcare, and recreation.

E-Commerce and the Undulating Distribution Channel

Understanding the role of e-commerce in restructuring distribution channels by examining the factors influencing the collapse, shift, and expansion of channels.

Managing Electronic Interchange of Business Documents

Establishing a framework for controlled growth of electronic document interchange, based on a diverse set of technological, organizational, and interorganizational factors.

The Quality of Online Social Relationships

Online relationships are less valuable than offline ones. Indeed, their net benefit depends on whether they supplement or substitute for offline social relationships.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Cultural Complications of Erp

Valuable lessons learned from implementation experiences in parts of the world with different cultural heritages.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Beyond the Computer Industry