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COLUMN: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track


Weighing in on the Notion of 'dumbing Up'

COLUMN: The profession of IT


Our propensity to create linear scales between opposing alternatives creates false dichotomies that hamper our thinking and limit our action.
COLUMN: Staying connected

Broadband to Go

Providers know once customers go broadband, they'll never go back to the dark days of dialup.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Rebirth of the Computer Industry

What types of products are required and who will provide them?
SPECIAL ISSUE: Adaptive middleware


Customization, policy management, coordination, and other services are available for distributed, mobile, embedded systems, increasingly assembled on the fly through the Web.

The Case For Reflective Middleware

It's flexible and reconfigurable yet simple for programmers to use, notably for building dynamic distributed applications operating on the Net.

Challenges Designing Next-Generation Middleware Systems

This framework promises new classes of service, especially in terms of security, for policy-based development of distributed and collaborative applications.

Middleware For Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Off-the-shelf middleware technology is being adapted for such mission-critical dynamic domains as online financial trading, distributed process control, even submarine information systems, avionics mission computing, radar processing …

Safe 'composability' of Middleware Services

Look to composable middleware frameworks to ensure safe middleware interactions for ubiquitous computing applications.

Systematic Aid For Developing Middleware Architectures

This development environment enables the specification, automated composition, and quality analysis of flexible, configurable middleware architectures, notably in distributed systems.

Toward Open, Secure, Widely Distributed Services

The OASIS open architecture controls the interoperation of independent services in distributed environments, including the constant monitoring of security conditions, as illustrated by a U.K. application in health-record management …

ACM Fellows

timely Financial Reporting at Corporate Web Sites?

Considering the competitive advantage of having current financial information available online, it's curious how few institutions actually succeed in this regard.

Classifying Digital Products

A framework for classifying digital products is essential for devising successful e-commerce strategies.

Wanted:project Teams with a Blend of Is Professional Orientations

Desired qualities include a strong technical orientation, end-user empathy, and organizational awareness.

Extreme Collaboration

For engineers comfortable with the noise and distraction of working closely together, a technology "war room" at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the perfect environment for speeding delivery of space mission design proposals …

Improving Education and Training with It

Findings from the review of previous empirical studies set the foundation for a conceptual model demonstrating how IT supports learning and group communications.

Capacity and Performance Analysis of Distributed Enterprise Systems

Analytic and simulation models enhance the reengineering and tuning of large client/server distributed systems.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Power Play

There will always be a need for power … but at what cost?
COLUMN: Inside risks

Free Speech Online and Offline