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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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News Track



COLUMN: Practical programmer

Searching For the Holy Grail of Software Engineering

`But my project is different' really is a valid response.
COLUMN: The business of software

The Organism and the Mechanism of Projects

Software developers would do well to place more emphasis on the social and communication traits of team members.
COLUMN: On site

Global Perceptions of Journals Publishing E-Commerce Research

Researchers rate publications by perception, quality, and how these factors determine where they would prefer their own e-commerce work be published.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Beware the Engineering Metaphor

There are great similarities between the work of the software developer and the work of the mathematician.
SPECIAL ISSUE: The adaptive web

From Adaptive Hypermedia to the Adaptive Web

Adaptive Interfaces For Ubiquitous Web Access

Allowing mobile users to access any information at any time from any location.

Personalization Techniques For Online Recruitment Services

Putting Personalization Into Practice

The N24 Web site [6] belongs to a network of sites operated by Kirch Group that complement associated television stations in Germany. The relaunch of the N24 site focuses on tighter integration with the N24 cable news brand, …

From Adaptive Hypertext to Personalized Web Companions

The Role of Adaptive Hypermedia in a Context-Aware Tourist Guide

Personalization in Business-to-Customer Interaction

Personalized Multimedia Information Access

Ask questions, get personalized answers.

Adaptive Educational Hypermedia on the Web

Personalized and Adaptive Systems For Medical Consumer Applications

Personalized Hypermedia and International Privacy

Personalized hypermedia systems may be in conflict with privacy concerns of computer users, and with privacy laws that are in effect in many countries.

Strategies For Transitioning 'old Economy' Firms to E-Business

When devising an e-business strategy for legacy firms, be wary of the five myths of e-business development while embracing the five guidelines of managerial responsibility and leadership.

Are Intelligent E-Commerce Agents Partners or Predators?

Mobile agents are changing the face of e-business and reshaping business models. In the process these agents are also posing new concerns regarding who really owns information.

Designing the Internet For a Networked Society

Having moved out of confining local communities and work groups, people worldwide now involve themselves in far-flung, Internet-enhanced social relationships with friends, family, workmates, and neighbors.

Controlled Publication of Digital Scientific Data

How to balance free and open access to scientific data with privileged access to new results by authors while protecting them from being scooped by competing interpretations of their own data.

Managing with Web-Based It in Mind

A framework that ties together relevant management ideas that help organizations strategically and operationally align themselves with new Web-based IT.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Time-Asymmetry in Business Processes

A back and forth challenge for the design of a digital nervous system.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Inaction