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Communications of the ACM

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COLUMN: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



COLUMN: The profession of IT

Internet Time out

Technology won't solve information overload. New commitment management practices will.
COLUMN: Staying connected

Call It Techonomics

New product cycles powered by R&D are just what the economy ordered.
COLUMN: On site

A Study of Student Privacy Issues at Stanford University

An ambitious study by students for students points out privacy policy weaknesses and concerns at Stanford.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Trust, Authenticity, and Discursive Power in Cyberspace

Immersed in a time warp, space is constantly being redefined.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Robots: intelligence, versatility, adaptivity


Expect robots to function on their own with people and each other under whichever environmental conditions they happen to find themselves.

Humanoid Robots

The future promises lots of robots in our everyday lives; some, perhaps many, of them could look and behave like people but only if being humanoid represents a technological advantage over their relatively utilitarian counterparts …

Self-Reconfiguring Robots

Mimicking the adaptability of living biological cells, robot modules will reconfigure themselves toward a common purpose within the limits imposed by the local environment.

Robotics and Interactive Simulation

As applications of robots extend into everyday human life, new approaches to simulating interactions between them and their environments are emerging at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds.

Probabilistic Robotics

Planning and navigation algorithms exploit statistics gleaned from uncertain, imperfect real-world environments to guide robots toward their goals and around obstacles.

Entertainment Robotics

Competing teams of autonomous robot soccer players illustrate the challenges, pleasures, and promise of developing collaborative multi-robot applications.

Solutions-Driven Marketing

Navigating the maze of options and providing a link between product customization and e-commerce.

Configurable Development Processes

Keeping the focus on what is being produced.

Mobile Telephony in a Connected Life

Mobile phones help manage and grant instant access to users' dispersed social networks but risk violating the age-old social conventions of face-to-face relationships.

Intelligent Agents and Financial Risk Monitoring Systems

A society of intelligent agents can work together to monitor financial transactions and yield important information regarding potential financial calamities.

Managing International Data Communications

COLUMN: Technical opinion

Computer Science: the Science of and About Information and Computation

New computing paradigms present serious challenges for system architecture.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Linear Thinking