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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



COLUMN: International perspectives

Cyberspace Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Moving from technological desert toward emergent sustainable growth.
COLUMN: On site

Teaching Reviewing to Graduate Students

Incorporating the principles and practices of formal review into a Ph.D. education, smoothly and inexpensively, as part of the existing coursework.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Theory, Theory on the Wall

Could it be that computing itself is just too unwieldy a field for any theory of substance?

Multicast Over Wireless Networks

How to ensure the participation of mobile users (no matter how disruptive the circumstances), especially for mobile commerce applications distributed over multiple networks.

Security Considerations For Remote Electronic Voting

Introducing state-of-the art technology into the election process implies new risks that may not be worth taking.

The Value of Seller Trustworthiness in C2c Online Markets

Trust has value in online markets, and individual and company actions can improve or impair how trustworthy they are perceived in these markets.

Emergent Patterns of Integration in Electronic Channel Systems

What should producers and consumers alike make of the emerging class of middlemen and intermediaries in electronic channels?

Strategic It Applications in Health Care

SPECIAL ISSUE: Issues and challenges in ubiquitous computing


Anytime/anyplace Computing and the Future of Knowledge Work

Considering the implications and consequences of the always-connected lifestyle.

Group Dynamics and Ubiquitous Computing

From "Here and Now" to "Everywhere and Forever."

New Frontiers of Application Design

Applying the lessons learned from wearable and context-aware computers.

The Future of Business Services in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing

Redefining the key aspects of the business-customer relationship.

The Relevance of Social Issues in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

New forms of social interaction and organization require modifying existing models.

Software Infrastructure and Design Challenges For -biquitous Computing Applications

Striving to integrate computing into everyday activities in a seamless manner.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Component-Based Data Mining Frameworks

OLAP Vs. OLTP in the middle tier.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Why Security Standards Sometimes Fail