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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: The business of software

Ten Unmyths of Project Estimation

Reconsidering some commonly accepted project management practices.
COLUMN: Practical programmer

Sorting out Software Complexity

Underlying complexity escalates exponentially: some little-known research findings.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

New Surveillance Techniques Raise Privacy Concerns

How much privacy are citizens willing to surrender in the interest of public safety?
SPECIAL ISSUE: Computer-supported cooperative work in design


Systems design is a complex activity requiring the cooperation of multi-disciplinary teams. Most of the time, these teams are located in different places and use different software applications for various purposes. Distribution …

A Complex Systems Perspective on Computer-Supported Collaborative Design Technology

What can be done to better support collaborative innovation?

On-the-Fly Web Content Integrity Check Boosts -sers' Confidence

Malicious attacks on Web servers by intruders and hackers are prime concerns of organizations, administrators of Web sites, as well as users who access them.

A Collaborative Platform For Fixed and Mobile Networks

C/Webtop: providing users with a means for collaborating while on the move.

A Java 3D-Enabled Cyber Workspace

Along with the browser paradigm, Java has fundamentally changed the work environment, helping produce compelling applications for collaborating over the Internet.

The World-Wide Telescope

Mining vast databases of astronomical data, this new online way to see the global structure of the universe promises to be not only a wonderful virtual telescope but an archetype for the evolution of computational science.

Seti@home: an Experiment in Public-Resource Computing

Millions of computer owners worldwide contribute computer time to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, performing the largest computation ever.

Volume-Rendered Galactic Animations

How a 40-billion-pixel Orion Nebula visualization was rendered for a 9.1-million-pixel display at the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History.
SPECIAL ISSUE: What UML should be


UML is at a crossroads. Which of the proposed revisions will bring it closer to meeting user needs and winning tool-vendor commitment? What if UML2 instead combined the best features of each proposal?

Evolution, Not Revolution

Any consideration of altering UML must account for its current user base and its potential role as the keystone of a new model-based method of software development.

Uml2 Must Enable a Family of Languages

UML2 needs to take advantage of new infrastructure to enable first-class specialization and variation of the UML superstructure language.

Make Models Be Assets

Needed first is a layered UML with a small, well-defined, executable, translatable kernel that enables and supports development of an extensible tool chain.

Be Clear, Clean, Concise

UML needs to focus on its foundations.

Why Significant Uml Change Is Unlikely

Reform may be too little too late to spare software engineers the cognitively overwhelming effort of applying UML to modeling system structure and behavior in a truly unified manner.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Licensing software engineers

Should Software Engineers Be Licensed?

Acm's Position on the Licensing of Software Engineers

Texas Licensing of Software Engineers: All's Quiet, For Now

The notion of licensing software engineers has been weighed and argued on global, national, and statewide platforms for many years. Here, we go to the frontlines---Texas and Canada---where the practice of licensing is in fact …

A Rice University Perspective on Software Engineering Licensing

Licensing Software Engineers in Canada

Software Engineering Requires Individual Professionalism

COLUMN: Technical opinion

Software Engineering Considered Harmful

In search of a resolution to the ongoing software crisis.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Florida 2002: Sluggish Systems, Vanishing Votes