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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

It seems every time we spotlight the latest in component-based software and systems development, the stories emanating from this effort tell of progress beyond all previous predictions. And when you consider the …
DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

Liquid Light
COLUMN: Security watch

Computer Security: Quality Rather Than Quantity

The challenge of applying protection to systems, software, and networks with intrinsic vulnerabilities is a lofty, but ultimately realizable, one.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Reverse Engineering Under Siege

Is reverse engineering a lawful way to acquire trade secrets?
DEPARTMENT: In memoriam

In Memoriam: Edsger W. Dijkstra 1930--2002

Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, a noted pioneer of the science and industry of computing, died August 6 at his home in Nuenen, The Netherlands.

Remote Automatic Doorman via the Internet

Using a low-end PC and a Web browser to operate a door two buildings away.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Rapid Application Development: Rough and Dirty or Value-For-Money Engineering?

Success in any type of work relies as much on one's attitude toward it as on the skills and techniques applied.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Developing and integrating enterprise components and services


The component paradigm starts with the assertion of an assembly-oriented view of software engineering, building software applications by wiring together the ports and connectors of a set of pre-fabricated parts …

Specification, Implementation, and Deployment of Components

Clarifying common terminology and exploring component-based relationships.

Overcoming Independent Extensibility Challenges

Independent extensibility requires a strong handle on versioning through precise names.

A Goal-Driven Approach to Enterprise Component Identification and Specification

Mapping a business architecture to a component-based software architecture.

Implicit Multilevel Modeling in Flexible Business Environments

A methodology for supporting the integration and interoperability of applications in changing business environments.

Enterprise Application Integration and Complex Adaptive Systems

Could system integration and cooperation be improved with agentified enterprise components?

Applying Model-Integrated Computing to Component Middleware and Enterprise Applications

Combining the best elements of these two technologies can address the key challenges associated with developing enterprise applications.

Web Services: Beyond Component-Based Computing

Seeking a better solution to the application integration problem.

Enterprise Services

Examining the emerging field of Web Services and how it is integrated into existing enterprise infrastructures.

Lessons Learned from a Nationwide Cbd Promotion Project

Sharing insights gained from a large-scale initiative in an Asian context.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Creativity and interface


Many significant advances in research on human creativity have occurred, yet today's tools often contain interface elements that stymie creative efforts. A discontinuity exists between technology tools and our …

Creativity, Art Practice, and Knowledge

Achieving a balance of control and freedom by supporting a mix of strategies.

Collaborative Creativity

Human creativity represents an enigma to the research community: It is all but impossible to describe the process in unequivocal terms, yet there is a strong desire to promote and encourage this uniquely human …

Characteristics of Applications that Support Creativity

Creativity typically involves some novel change to a symbolic domain and the production of some artifact judged by domain experts, in some manner, to be creative [1, 2]. An understanding of basic principles …

Supporting Experimentation with Side-Views

Practitioners naturally experiment and explore multiple solutions to a problem in the course of constructing a creative result [4?6]. For example, industrial designers explicitly generate dozens of concept …

Re-Creating the Reader: Supporting Active Reading in Literary Research

The understanding of literary works is a highly creative yet constrained process focused on examining and articulating the possible intentions of the authors [7]. The active reading project is motivated by the …

Enhancing Creative Design via Software Tools

Why creative design is important.

Creativity Support Tools

Establishing a framework of activities for creative work.

Email Winners and Losers

It's more difficult than you think to predict when sending email will advance your personal interests, help you get ahead at work, or improve your social life.

Managerial Information Overload

Overwhelmed by the organizational imperative to collect every kind of information available, and finding technical solutions generally miss the point, knowledge workers need to improve their personal capacity for …

Old Dogs and New Tricks

A compact OO course teaches the expert procedural programmer to "think" OO without falling back into old habits.

Cultural Differences in the Online Behavior of Consumers

Understanding how different cultures use the Net?as well as perceive the same Web sites?can translate to truly global e-commerce.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Current and Future Applications of Mobile and Wireless Networks

Wireless and mobile networks are being used in diverse areas such as travel, education, stock trading, military, package delivery, disaster recovery, and medical emergency care.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Secure Systems Conundrum

By definition, a secure system enforces some policy it is given. For example, such a policy might prevent confidential files from being revealed or might notify the copyright holder every time an MP3 file is played …