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Communications of the ACM

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Practical Programmer: Of Model Changeovers, Style, and Fatware

Creating an excuse for the consumer to buy something "new."

Staying Connected: Suit Yourself

As lawsuits increase, the mobile phone industry still won't admit its most important need—more research.

Viewpoint: What to Know Before Reissuing Old Titles as E-Books

Do grants of rights to "print, publish, and sell" a literary work "in book form" cover the new digital medium?

On Site: Global Perceptions of Is Journals

Where is the best IS research published?

Beyond the Post-PC Internet

A look back from the future will marvel at the numbers and variety of communicating, interacting devices and services instantly available anywhere, anytime an IP node is near.

The Interplanetary Internet

Inspired by terrestrial packet switching, NASA is standardizing the protocols needed for intelligent communication with and among spacecraft scattered around the solar system, as well as with robots sent to explore other planets …

Breaking Loose

The Internet's ultimate utility depends on our ability and willingness to make the network at least as pervasive, convenient, and invisible as electricity is today.

An Asturian View of Networking 2015

Build, share, and use the Internet to avoid the risk of your language, history, customs, literature, and laws being left out and forgotten.

The Web's Hidden Order

Web site growth and popularity actually follow rules that can be explained mathematically and are useful for predicting the Web's future behavior.

Whatever Happened to the Next-Generation Internet?

Despite its performance benefits, long history of development, and well-heeled advocates, IPv6 may never replace IPv4.

Using Information Security as a Response to Competitor Analysis Systems

To protect your firm's valuable business data from competitors, sometimes it's best to think like competitors and take a walk in their shoes.

A Web-Enabled Framework For Smart Card Applications in Health Services

Your complete medical history and vital medical records stored on a device the size and shape of a credit card. The technology's been around for awhile, but its portability involves more than size.

Matching Records in a National Medical Patient Index

Examining the benefits and pitfalls of a distributed collection of medical records.

Security Issues For Implementation of E-Medical Records

Effective administration of a medical database requires balancing technical and nontechnical managerial challenges.

Thinking Objectively: an Introduction to Software Stability

Studying the design and development that produces stable (or unstable) software.

Inside Risks: Web Cookies: Not Just a Privacy Risk