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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

News Track

Forum: Evolving Commitment to the Profession of Computer Science

From Washington: The Unhappy but Beneficial Coexistence of the FBI and the Tech Elite

With goals too divergent and world views too far apart, the feds and the tech sector remain married, for better or worse.

Digital Village: Caustic Cookies

They can be beneficial aids in e-commerce, but cookies are the corrosive ingredient when it comes to invading personal privacy.

On Site: Software Engineering Project Management

Software engineers may have the right technical skills for your project, but have they got the right personality?

Viewpoint: One More Revolution to Make: Free Scientific Publishing

Computer scientists are in the position to create new, free high-quality journals. So what would it take?

Digital Libraries: Introduction

Drudgery and Deep Thought

Perseus and other digital libraries for the humanities let you, as well as the specialist scholar, explore humanity's cultural heritage in extraordinary new ways.

The Biological Digital Library

A Digital Strategy For the Library of Congress

Open(source)ing the Doors For Contributor-Run Digital Libraries

Opening the doors of digital libraries to contributors may not be as scary as we may have been led to believe.

Greenstone: Open-Source Dl Software

Principles For Digital Library Development

Want a library's content to persist and be accessible no matter which computer, browser, or digital format is used? Follow these principles and practices, as well as their implied promises.

Digital Libraries and Mobility

Building Large-Format Displays For Digital Libraries

Buckets: Smart Objects For Digital Libraries

Authorization Management For Digital Libraries

Where Is the Librarian in the Digital Library?

-Uniform Resource Names: Handles, PURLs, and Digital Object Identifiers

Identifying objects in digital libraries seems simple but proves to be surprisingly complex.

Archival Perspectives on the Emerging Digital Library

The Ariadne Knowledge Pool System

This European-based distributed digital library of educational resources delivers reusable components to hundreds of multicultural/multilingual teachers and learners.

Toward a Sharable Digital Library of Reusable Teaching Resources

The Digital Library For Earth System Education: Building Community, Building the Library

The Promise of Digital Libraries in Developing Countries

The NSF National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library Program

The National Science Foundation's NSDL Program aims to establish a national digital library that will constitute an online network of learning environments and resources for science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education …

Niupepa: a Historical Newspaper Collection

Vidyanidhi: Indian Digital Library of Electronic Theses

The ACM Digital Library

Business Components: a Case Study of Bankers Trust Australia Limited

Bridging the gap between technology specialists and business users.

Customizable Middleware For Modular Distributed Software

Simplifying the development and maintenance of complex distributed software.

Toward Improving Female Retention in the Computer Science Major

What causes women to discontinue pursuing the undergraduate computer science major at higher rates than men?

Inside Risks: Be Seeing You!