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Communications of the ACM

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Legally Speaking: the Economic Espionage Act: Touring the Minefields

In order to protect homegrown secrets from foreign competitors, the U.S. Congress concocted the EEA, a cause of broad concern on the domestic front.

The Business of Software: the Case For a New Business Model

Is software a product or a medium?

On Site: Does Typography Affect Proposal Assessment?

Introduction: Personalized Views of Personalization

Our vocabulary of Internet-related words has become socially popular and, of course, an essential tool of trade in the hands of marketing initiatives. I recall in the early 1990s when words like "agent" and "multimedia" were …

Finance with a Personalized Touch

The banking industry has sure benefited from new technologies, but how can we ensure customer satisfaction?

Growth in Personalization and Business

Experience with Personalization of Yahoo!

When designing Web personalization products, make sure you address all your users.

Personalized Communication Networks

What does personalization mean to AT&T and what are the important business propositions to provide personalized services to its customers? Guest Editor Doug Riecken recently interviewed Kathleen Earley, Vice President of AT&T …

A User-Centered Design Approach to Personalization

The key to successful design is grounding the choice of features and tools upon value to the end user.

Affordances, Motivation, and the Design of -User Interfaces

Creating tools that enable rather than restrict add value to the product and loyalty from the customer.

Measuring Success

E-business intelligence is a complex, yet vital, element to building a strong customer base.

Helping People Find What They Don't Know

Recommendation systems help users find the correct words for a successful search.

Creativity Enhancement with Emerging Technologies

For the creative person, the ability to determine how the creative process evolves is of critical importance.

Commonsense-Based Interfaces

To build a machine that truly learns by itself will require a commonsense knowledge representing the kinds of things even a small child already knows.

Phenomenal Data Mining

Tracing the road from data to phenomena—using a supermarket environ as the backdrop—illustrates the essence of data mining with commonsense knowledge.

Representation Is Everything

Issues of representation pose many questions—and challenges—that must be solved before implementation.

Personalization and Privacy

Does personalization jeopardize our privacy? If so, what should the law do about it?

Personal End-User Tools

"If we perceive our role aright, we then see more clearly the proper criterion for success: a toolmaker succeeds as, and only as, the users of his tool succeed with his aid. However shining the blade, however perfect the heft …

Building Personal Tools By Programming

The Stagecast Creator can make a programmer out of every user.

Intermediaries Personalize Information Streams

A software-based middleman transforms data between client and server for faster delivery and discovery.

Learning to Personalize

Recognizing patterns of behavior helps systems predict your next move.

A Personalized Television Listings Service

Mixing the collaborative recommendation approach with content-based filtering seems to bring out the best in both methods.

Capturing Human Intelligence in the Net

A new software system allows Web searchers to connect with others who have been there, done that.

Natural Language Dialogue For Personalized Interaction

Technologies that successfully recognize and react to spoken or typed words are key to true personalization. Front- and back-end systems must respond in accord, and one solution may be found somewhere in the middle(ware).

Personalization on the Net -Using Web Mining: Introduction

On the Internet, we have experienced massive growth in systems that can personalize content delivered to individual users. The science behind personalization has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, yet the basic goal …

Web Usage Mining For Web Site Evaluation

Making a site better fit its users.

A Broader Approach to Personalization

Establishing an architecture for providing automatically generated, machine processable, dynamic user profiles to Web servers while conforming to users' privacy preferences.

Automatic Personalization Based on Web -Usage Mining

Web usage mining can help improve the scalability, accuracy, and flexibility of recommender systems.

Adaptive Web Sites

Examining the potential use of automated adaptation to improve Web sites for visitors.

Inside Risks: Shrink-Wrapping Our Rights