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Communications of the ACM

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Forum: Software Piracy Is Not Just Economics Anymore

Log on Education: the Three Ts of Elementary Education

The John Glenn Commission on Education pushes for the biggest change in public education in 200 years.

Sharing Standards: Standardizing Software Projects

Deploying organizational standards across the life of a project is one of the single biggest competitive advantages.

Viewpoint: Signing Your 011001010

Trusting Technology: Introduction

How can technology be engineered to inspire user trust? How can businesses, consumers, and individuals employ that trust—without destroying it—for the sake of their human relationships?

Trust Online

Trust can be cultivated to enhance our personal and social lives and increase our social capital.

I2i Trust in E-Commerce

The depth of participants' trust and trustworthiness depends on how the medium transmits and translates the social experience, including its often unviewable cultural and personal cues.

Reputation Systems

For buyers and sellers alike, there's no better way to earn one another's trust in online interactions.

External Manifestations of Trustworthiness in the Interface

Humans gradually learn to trust embodied interface agents that use the same social cues people use, including interaction rituals like small talk.

Designing Trust Into Online Experiences

These principles and their guidelines enhance cooperative behaviors and win user/customer loyalty by giving assurances, references, certifications from third parties, and guarantees of privacy and security.

Social Capital and the Net

The Internet neither destroys nor creates social capital. Sometimes trust matters, sometimes it doesn't in our technology-mediated relationships.

Making Ethical Decisions

How companies might influence the choices one makes.

Building Firm Trust Online

Exploring the barriers to efficient e-commerce and the critical role of government.

Trust Requirements in E-Business

A conceptual framework for understanding the needs and concerns of different stakeholders.

Software Piracy: a View from Hong Kong

Software piracy accounts for billions of dollars in lost sales. But for many nations, U.S. price tags make legal ownership impossible. Here's how one thriving city perceives the act of piracy.

Technical Opinion: on the Perils of Programming

Viewed as an art and a science among professionals and academics, programming retains its significance in any teaching or training program in the field of computing.

Inside Risks: Semantic Network Attacks