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Communications of the ACM

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Digital Villiage: Digital Politics 2000

The vote's in: the Web's potential in the political process is still lacking.

International Perspectives: Computing at the Top of the World

Nepal must mend the wide digital divide it has with most countries. But more importantly, can it close this divide among its own people?

On Site: An 'Out-of-Box' Experience

What happens when a single usability goal extends across several companies?

Viewpoint: an Internet of Democracy

Engaging the fundamental structure of the Internet with an eye toward making it a real democracy network.

Ultra-High-Density Data Storage: Introduction

Innovative, inexpensive, efficient, and increasingly compact storage technologies promise practically unlimited capacity and instant access to data anytime, anywhere.

Network Attached Storage Architecture

In our increasingly Internet-dependent business and computing environment, network storage is the computer.

Volume Holographic Data Storage

Storing data inside the volume of the recording medium, rather than on its surface, as in conventional optical and magnetic approaches, these systems deliver much higher data-transfer rates and access based on partial information …

Magneto-Optical Data Storage

Combining optical techniques and magnetic storage media, MO technology will likely be used in magnetic drives to improve data density. The result: the continued fall of the cost of storing bits.

Phase Change Recording

Burning data onto and off of the storage medium is such a reliable read/write method, the CD is now the world's most popular means of distributing and exchanging prerecorded digital content.

MEMS-Based Integrated-Circuit Mass-Storage Systems

Abandoning the rotating disk paradigm, simple miniature microelectromechanical systems position probe tips over the storage media, potentially creating a new generation of nonvolatile rewritable mass storage devices, as well …

The Internet and the Future of Financial Markets

Combining new technology with established financial market mechanisms.

Seven Comments on Charging and Billing

As technology changes, so do delivery and payment arrangements.

Is Paperless Really More?

Rethinking the role of paper in the digital age.

On Risk, Convenience, and Internet Shopping Behavior

Why some consumers are online shoppers while others are not.

Benefits For Virtual Organizations from Distributed Groups

Allowing network-supported groups to make incremental process improvements can result in quantum-leap competitive advantages over the long run.

Thinking Objectively: Management in the Small

Recognizing how issues common to larger companies present particular problems and opportunities in small ones.

Inside Risks: Voting Automation (early and Often?)