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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Privacy lost, anytime, anywhere

Who governs the Internet?

The implications of Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Socializing around arcade technology

VR and health care

Overcoming phobias by virtual exposure

Health and safety issues for VR

Applying VR to physical medicine and rehabilitation

Augmented reality and Parkinson's disease

Rehabilitative environments for attention and movement disorders

VR education and rehabilitation

VR meets physical therapy

Responsive virtual environments

The psychometrics of cybersickness

Treating body-image disturbances

Virtual environments in special-needs education

VR and spatial awareness in disabled children

Health care information systems

Clearing the way for physicians' use of clinical information systems

Privacy, information technology, and health care

Using the Internet to improve knowledge diffusion in medicine

An international collaboratory based on virtual patient records

Internet pricing vs. reality

Crypto key management