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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Editorial pointers


Can kiwis fly?: computing in New Zealand

The next generation in human-computer interaction

Learner-centered education

A goal-based scenario for high school students

Intelligent multimedia tutoring systems

The Collaboratory Notebook

Key to the information highway

Student communities for the advancement of knowledge

Software by kids for kids

Making learning a part of life

Computer support for learning through complex problem solving

Scaffolded examples for learning object-oriented design

A learner-centered tool for students building models

Group communication

Totem: a fault-tolerant multicast group communication system

The Transis approach to high availability cluster communication

Distributing trust with the Rampart toolkit

Horus: a flexible group communication system

From group communication to transactions in distributed systems

Synchronous and asynchronous

Inside risks: a risks-related bookshelf