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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Computing in India: an Asian elephant learning to dance

Participatory design

A retrospective look at PD projects

From system design to democracy

Some PD advice

PD and joint application design: a transatlantic comparison

PD a personal statement

Engineering practice and codevelopment of codevelopment of product prototypes

The benefits of intentional tension

Experiences using cooperative interactive storyboard prototyping

Graphic facilitation

“Equal opportunity” PD using PICTIVE

CSCW challenges: cooperative design in engineering projects

User participation in prototyping

PD: structure in the toolbox

The ETHICS approach

STEPS—a methodical approach to PD

Work language analysis and the naming problem

Work-oriented design at Xerox

Participatory conversation in PD

A web of fuzzy problems: confronting the ethical issues

Translation between software designers and users

Modeling and simulation