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Communications of the ACM

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Personal computing: personal computers and the world software market

It may be trite to say that “the world is shrinking,” but it is true nonetheless. Political and technological changes are edging us in the direction of the global village. We have the economic unification of Western Europe, the …

Log on education: Quick, where do the computers go?

History has dealt computer and information science a special role in the inevitable restructuring of the educational system in the United States. In the coming decade computing and information technology will be the backbonereadership …

Software safety in embedded computer systems

Superimposing encrypted data

Much has been written about the necessity of processing data in the encrypted form. However, no satisfactory method of processing encrypted data has been published to date. Ahitub et al. [2] have analyzed the possibilities of …

Understanding fault-tolerant distributed systems

Technical correspondence

This note proposes an optimization to an algorithm published by T.E. Gerasch in his article “An Insertion Algorithm for a Minimal Internal Path Length Binary Search Tree” (Communications of the ACM, May 1988, pp. 579-585).

Inside risks: certifying professionals