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Communications of the ACM

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Interface design issues for advice-giving expert systems

Advice giving could become the first successful domain for intelligent interfaces.

Beyond the chalkboard: computer support for collaboration and problem solving in meetings

Although individual use of computers is fairly widespread, in meetings we tend to leave them behind. At Xerox PARC, an experimental meeting room called the Colab has been created to study computer support of collaborative problem …

A relational information resource dictionary system

A relational implementation of IRDS using SQL demonstrates how the flexibility of the relational environment enhances the extensibility of the IRDS while at the same time providing more powerful dictionary capabilities than are …

Update to "data parallel algorithms"

MATCH—a new high-level relational operator for pattern matching

Pattern matching is a common and fundamental operation of many applications, such as expert systems (ES). With continued growth the knowledge bases of such systems will need database management systems (DBMS) support. Providing …