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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter: On the LRPC report

Anaysis of interleaved memory systems using blockage buffers

A model of interleaved memory systems is presented, and the analysis of the model by Monte Carlo simulation is discussed. The simulations investigate the performance of various system structures, i.e. schemes for sending instruction …

Sentence paraphrasing from a conceptual base

A model of natural language generation based on an underlying language-free representation of meaning is described. A program based on this model is able to produce sentence paraphrases which demonstrate understanding with respect …

State-space problem-reduction, and theorem proving—some relationships

This paper suggests a bidirectional relationship between state-space and problem-reduction representations. It presents a formalism based on multiple-input and multiple-output operators which provides a basis for viewing the  …

Finding circles by an array of accumulators

We describe an efficient procedure for detecting approximate circles and approximately circular arcs of varying gray levels in an edge-enhanced digitized picture. This procedure is an extension and improvement of the circle-finding …

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