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Communications of the ACM

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ACM President's Letter: ACM 70 in perspective

Normalization techniques for handprinted numerals

A family of pattern standardization techniques based on geometrical projection is applied to a file of digitized handprinted numerals obtained from sales clerks. The principle involves transforming a quadrilateral specified in …

Full table quadratic searching for scatter storage

The quadratic residue search method for hash tables avoids much of the clustering experienced with a linear search method. The simple quadratic search only accesses half the table. It has been shown that when the length of the …

Sorting in a paging environment

This sorting study was part of an extensive measurement project undertaken on the M44/44X, an experimental paging system which was conceived and implemented at IBM Research in order to explore the virtual machine concept. The …

The instrumentation of multics

An array of measuring tools devised to aid in the implementation of a prototype computer utility is discussed. These tools include special hardware clocks and data channels, general purpose programmed probing and recording tools …

A technique for generating almost optimal Floyd-Evans productions for precedence grammars

A technique is developed for generating almost optimal Floyd-Evans productions given a precedence grammar. A graph formulation is used for the problem of merging productions. The productions generated correspond to the minimum …

Algorithm 387: Function mimimization and linear search

Algorithm 388: Rademacher function

Algorithm 389: Binary ordered Walsh functions

Algorithm 390: Sequencing ordered Walsh functions

Remark on Algorithm 233: Simpson's rule for multiple integration

Algorithm 391: Unitary symmetric polynomials

Algorithm 331: Gaussian quadrature formulas

The allocation of computer resources—is pricing the answer?

The widespread use of complex third generation computing systems has led to a much broader concern about the means by which the resources of these systems are allocated among the user community. One means that is suggested more …