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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

What level for ACM publications?

The President's letter

What is the true value of conferences?

Comments on ”levels of computer systems“

FORTRAN subroutines for scalar products

An experimental comparison of time sharing and batch processing

Further analysis of a computing center environment

A multiprogramming monitor for small machines

POSE: a language for posing problems to a computer

Parallel numerical methods for the solution of equations

Algorithm 301: Airy function

Algorithm 302: Transpose vector stored array

Remark on Algorithm 28: Least squares fit by orthogonal polynomials

Certification of Algorithm 30: Numerical solution of the polynomial equation

Certification of Algorithm 279: Chebyshev quadrature

On the computer enumeration of finite topologies

An algorithm for generating permutations

A simple technique for digital division

String similarity and misspellings

Copyright revision legislation

Oettinger exposes dangers to scientific endeavor inherent in copyright bill