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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

The hardware-software complementarity

Further clarification of dates

What are the most promising avenues of approach to attaining MT?

Pinpointing the dates of data examined by the ALPAC

On “numerical integration of a function that has a pole”

The remaining trouble spots in ALGOL 60

The ML/I macro processor

Decomposition programming: an analysis of matrix substructure

Three fonts of computer drawn letters

A grammar base question-answering procedure

Microprogamming under a page on demand strategy

On computing the fast Fourier transform

A stopping criterion for polynomial root finding

SHARER, a time sharing system for the CDC 6600

Algorithm 312: Absolute value and square root of a complex number

Algorithm 313: Multi-dimensional partition generator

Chebyshev quadrature

An interview with Dr. Herbert R. J. Grosch