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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

BROWSE BY PAGE 474 Elliott I. Organick 474 William E. Atchison 474-475 Walter F. Bauer 475 Beresford Parlett 475 C. W. Gear 475 Edward M. Rosen 475 Samuel D. Conte 475 Louis W. Ehrlich 475 C. D. Isaacs 476-477 L. Bernstein 476 E. W. Verhoef 476 John A. Postely 476 Robert W. Rector 476 Bertram Raphael 476 John R. Rice 476 Orrin E. Taulbee 476 Gloria M. Silvern 477 J. H. Bryant 477-478 Roger V. Butler 477 Joseph W. Smith 477 Martin Greenberger 477 Emanuel Hayes 477 Vilas D. Henderson 477 Martin Greenberger 478 Karl Ramsay 478 R. Hedger 478 Gerald H. Fine 478 G. H. Kuby 478 Robert G. Scherer 478 Solomon L. Pollack 478 David G. Hammel 478 Allen Weingarten 478 Richard R. Linde 478 B. V. Bhimani 478 Robert M. Anderson 478 J. Seehof 479 C. V. Ramamoorthy 479 Arthur M. Rosenberg 479-480 W. E. Farley 479 James R. Oliver 480 Stephen R. Yarnall 480 Michael S. Skaft 480 Eugene D. Homer 480 Mark Halpern 480 George Forbes 480-481 Ellen R. Clark 480 D. R. Winner 481-482 B. A. Galler 481 Michael E. Tarter 481 David L. Parnas 481 Thomas E. Cheatham 481 Joseph A. Heiner 481 A. E. Roberts 481 J. A. Dugan 481 Paul Hamburger 481 Charles Bachman 482 J. T. Chu 482 K. E. Tiernan 482 I. Holgersen 482 John Michael Williams 482 Frank T. Kuhn 482 Clifford J. Maloney 482 John C. Alrich 482 R. W. Hamming 482 Harold R. Gillette 483 Samuel Kaufman 483 Robert M. Hayes 483 Juris Reinfelds 483 Martin L. Cramer 483-484 A. R. Meetham 483 A. L. Calvery 483 David K. Oppenheim 483 Christopher J. Shaw 483 Allan J. Humphery 484 Janice R. Lourie 484 Harold S. Corbin 484 N. G. Denil 484 Joseph Behar 485 Peter Naur 485 L. M. Cole 485 C. G. Veinott 486 Gerard Salton 487-490 Anthony G. Oettinger 491-496 Robert V. Head 496-499 Peter M. Neely 500-503 E. G. Coffman 503-508 John A. Boles 509-512 Allen Weingarten 513 W. A. Blankinship 514 W. A. Blankinship 514 I. D. Hill 515-518 K. C. Peng 519-521 V. G. Sigillito 521 R. D. Glautz 522-524 Richard Bellman 525-526 B. I. Blum 527-528 Reino Kurki-Suonio 529-532 T. Sterling

Computer science in high school mathematics

Recent developments in computer science curriculum

Computer/communication systems for business

Convergence of the Q-R algorithm for Hessenberg matrices

Numerical integration in ordinary differential equations operating under ILLIAC II time-sharing system

A review of quasi-Newton methods in nonlinear equation solving and unconstrained optimization

Numerical analysis

Iterative vs. a direct method for solving fourth order elliptic difference equations

A new solution method for the determinantal equation of a matric polynomial

An information system for the coordination of program design

Design of a multi-level file management system

File management

A 3-ring tutorial

Aspects and applications of symbol manipulation

NAPSS—a numerical analysis problem-solving system

A new classification theory leading to automatic pattern recognition

Computer-assisted instruction: specification of attributes for CAI programs and programmers

GIS: its capabilities and application

The Langley remote computing terminal system: implementation and first year's operation

Time shared scheduling

Online simulation in the OPS system

A digital simulation model of a freeway diamond interchange

Functional design of a generalized vehicle flight simulation program

Computer simulation: organization and form

A real time priority scheduler

A terminal operated production program (TOPP) system

Dynamic program behavior under paging

Engineering, medical and scientific applications

The new partnership—EDP and management valuable or violent in the 1970's

Business data processing

An economical electronic point-of-sale/updating system

Analyzing a real time system

Operational management of time-sharing systems

An approach to speech synthesis and recognition on a digital computer

Management controls for effective and profitable use of EDP resources

Automated facilities layout program

The analytic design of a dynamic look-ahead and program segmenting system for multiprogrammed computers

Program structures for the multiprogramming environment

Man/machine communications in the biological medical research environment

Undergraduate student papers

Computer aides to medical diagnosis—problems and progress

An approximate solution to a weighted scheduling problem with multiple constraints

An algorithm for selecting and sequencing statements as a basis for a problem-oriented programming system

Symbolic processing of source language programs

An engineering simulator

On the automatic simplification of source-language programs

A technique for optimizing a function of many variables: determining the minimum energy configuration of a crystal lattice

A proposal for definitions in ALGOL

Non-uniform key distribution and address calculation sorting

State table analysis of programs in an ALGOL-like language

Compiling techniques

A generalized random extract device

The construction of recognizers

A study of the utility of a hybrid associative processor

On an automated method of symbolically analyzing times of computer programs

Development in file manipulation techniques

Error probability in decision functions for character recognition

Digital generation of continuous filtered Gaussian noise

Lunar orbiter command and telemetry data handling system (CTDH) at deep space stations

Design of the real-time executive for the Univac 418 system

A real-time error correcting data transmission system treated as a Markov process

Multinomial acceptance sampling

Custom design of a digital system—some case histories

Statistics in numerical analysis

A special purpose multiprogramming system for a computer-controlled telemetry data reduction system

The IBM technical information retrieval center (ITIRC) system techniques

Information retrieval

AMTRAM, a remote-terminal, conversational-mode computer system

A hybrid-oriented inter-active language

Graph separability and word grouping

The MECCA system, a modified list processing application for library collections

META5: A tool to manipulate strings of data

Programming languages for symbolic numeric and hybrid computation

An algorithm for retrieving indexed documents and its application

On-line textile designing

Display-oriented computer usage system

A language and model for computer design

Applications of computer graphics

The science of datalogy

A short critique on communications' contents page

More on programming decision tables

On referees, reviewers and critics

A vision of technology and education

The banking information system concept

Comparison of several algorithms for computation of means, standard deviations and correlation coefficients

Interarrival statistics for time sharing systems

NEBULA: a digital computer using a 20Mc glass delay line memory

The Eschenbach drum scheme

Algorithm 287: matrix triangulation with integer arithmetic [F1]

Algorithm 288: solution of simultaneous linear Diophantine equations [F4]

Algorithm 289: confidence interval for a ratio [G1]

Computational aspects of multiple covariance analysis on a multifactor structure

A method for finding the m smallest values of a monotonic function defined on ordered sets of positive integers

Partial step integration

Quasilinearization and the calculation of eigenvalues

Free-text inputs to utility routines

On top-to-bottom recognition and left recursion

Robot data screening: a solution to multivariate type problems in the biological and social sciences