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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

On storage space of decision tables

A note on “Program structures for parallel processing”

Additional comments on a problem in concurrent programming control

Corrections to numerical data on Q-D algorithm

Direct methods of computer analysis

President's letter to the ACM membership

Algorithm 284: Interchange of Two Blocks of Data

Algorithm 285: The mutual primal-dual method

Algorithm 284: Interchange of two blocks of data

Design of computer simulation experiments for industrial systems

A Monte Carlo algorithm for assigning students to classes

A note on linear programming algorithm design: a combinatorial problem

Incorporation of nonstandard input/output devices into FORTRAN systems

On a storage mapping function for data structures

Multiple precision floating-point conversion from decimal-to-binary and vice versa

Matrix reduction using the Hungarian method for the generation of school timetables

Certification of Algorithm 271: Quickersort

Shock III, a computer system as an aid in the management of critically III patients

Simulation of radioisotope scans by computer

A simulation of hospital admission policy

Flow diagrams, turing machines and languages with only two formation rules

On 0 and O

Automatic analysis of electronic digital circuits using list processing

A simple algorithm for computing the generalized inverse of a matrix

Eleven-sixteenths inch perforated paper tape

“Impact of computer applications on undergraduate mathematics instruction” explored at Florida State-ACM-SIAM symposium

Man, medicine, mathematics, and machines

SOFTWARE—where we are today, and trend

ACM Southern California's symposium poses adventureland, frontierland, fantasyland…

New York City's top officials envision information system for total organization at ACM symposium

Basic problems in nonnumerical mathematics not yet well understood, SICSAM symposium reveals