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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Is the groping IR field ready for a costly crash program?

Comments on professor Tewarson's letter

References to pentominoes


On the preliminary report of C3S

On CR review 8570

“Algorithm” and “formula”

President's letter to the ACM membership

On ACM's responsibility

Statement of principles

Information dissemination and publication control

The present issue contains a “Forum on Algorithms” dealing with some of the problems which arise in connection with the algorithm policy of the Communications. Specifically, many ACM members believe that a policy which designates …

Algorithms for scientific computation

A new policy for algorithms?

Debate is under way concerning the Algorithms section of the Communications. Specifically, there is considerable sentiment in favor of also publishing algorithms in languages other than ALGOL.

Algorithms section policy

On the problem of time table construction

On behalf of FORTRAN

On facilitating parallel and multiprocessing in ALGOL

A simple user-oriented compiler source language for programming automatic test equipment

For the nonprogrammer, difficulty in using a language increases rapidly with the number of nonproblem-oriented conventions. A simple language, even if inelegant, which considers the user's background as part of the problem may …

A nonrecursive method of syntax specification

The use of the Kleene regular expression notation for describing algebraic language syntax, in particular of ALGOL, is described in this paper. A FORTRAN II computer program for carrying out the elimination algorithm of Gorn, …

Algorithm 279: Chebyshev quadrature

It has always been obvious that the aid to calculation offered by the computer forces a change in the curricula of mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering and other courses. Not so obvious are the many pedagogic aids the …

Algorithm 281: Abscissas and weights for Romberg quadrature

Algorithm 280: Abscissas and weights for Gregory quadrature

Algorithm 282: Derivatives of ex/x, cos (x)/x, AND sin (x)/x

Remark on Algorithm 218: Kutta-Merson

Algorithm 283: Simultaneous displacement of polynomial roots if real and simple

Certification of Algorithm 9: Runge-Kutta integration

Use of the computer to teach introductory statistics

An algorithm for generating projective reduction formulas for matrix elements of many-electron wavefunctions

An ALGOL procedure is given for automatically generating formulas for matrix elements arising in the variational solution of the Schrödinger equation for many-electron systems.

A method for finding the least squares estimate of the intersection point of two Helices in space

When the helical trajectories of two charged particles moving away from a common point in a magnetic field are reconstructed from measurements on the tracks, the reconstructed tracks are perturbed by measurement and other errors …

Recorded magnetic tape for information interchange (800 CPI, NRZI)

Methods of numerical integration applied to a system having trivial function evaluations

A study has been made to determine which methods of numerical integration require the least computation time for a given amount of truncation error when applied to a particular system of ordinary differential equations where  …

Starting approximations for square root calculation on IBM system /360

Several starting approximations for square root calculation by Newton's method are presented in a form to facilitate their use in IBM System/360 square root routines. These approximations include several for the range [1/16,  …

Mechanization of the curve fitting process: DATAN

A process for fitting a curve to approximate data and the problem it creates for the engineer-programmer is defined. An approach has also been defined and a system has been written for the SRU 1107 to mechanize a major portion …

A method for locating zeros of complex functions

A method for computing the index, or winding number, is developed and applied to the problem of finding zeros of functions from the plane into the plane.