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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter to the ACM membership

Computer capabilities at western european universities

This report on the author's trip to universities in Western Europe in the summer of 1966 gives brief descriptions of computing activities at each institution visited. Present equipment capabilities vary from moderate to large …

FLOWTRACE, a computer program for flowcharting programs

The FLOWTRACE system produces flowcharts of programs written in “almost any” programming language. One must describe the syntax of the control statements in his language; for this purpose a metalanguage is available. The resultant …

General time-varying systems error sensitivities program

The evaluation, by the propagation of variance technique, of the sensitivity of time-varying systems to initial condition and parameter errors, involves the determination of several system-dependent partial derivative matrices …

On the application of the process of equalization of maxima to obtain rational approximation to certain modified Bessel functions

The second Remes algorithm as originally established for polynomials, may converge or not when the approximating functions are rational. However, the few results known in this domain show how efficient the algorithm can be to …

Tensor calculations on the computer

A FORMAC program has been written which is capable of calculating various quantities of interest in tensor calculus. Using this code, Christoffel symbols have been calculated for 12 basic orthogonal coordinate systems.

Statistical computations based upon algebraically specified models

Based upon a machine-readable statistical model and related symbolic specifications, an efficient method of performing calculations for statistical models of a balanced complete nature is presented. Fixed, mixed, and random analysis …

Algorithm 293: transportation problem

Levels of computer systems

In building current computer systems, we tend to break them down into “levels” of control, command and communication; in using the system, we break our problems down correspondingly. The continued use of such a structure raises …

Multiplexing of slow peripherals

The philosophy of a monitor which allows slow output devices to be multiplexed is presented.