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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: ALGOL 60 reply

Letters to the editor: standards conventions

The making of a profession

Letters to the editor: computers becoming class conscious?

Letters from the President of ACM

Workshops in mathematical programming

The applied mathematics laboratory of the David W. Taylor Model Basin

Letters to the editor: research reports published

Letters to the editor: self-reproducing automata

An information retrieval language for legal studies

Use of MOBL in preparing retrieval programs

Certification of algorithm 40: critical path scheduling

Algorithm 69: Chain tracing

A syntactical chart of ALGOL 60

The generalized important event technique

Manipulation of algebraic expressions

Inversion of a complex matrix

Optimum tape-writing procedures

Putting a Hex on ex

Functional design of computers

The META compiler

Nerve-net simulations

An on-line management system using English language

Automata theory

Simulation of human understanding of language