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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: negative binomial probability distribution tables

Letters to the editor: ALGOL: pleasure through pain

Letters to the editor: on Grau's recursive processes and on compiling expressions in ALGOL

SHARE committee

Letters to the editor: concerning Ferguson's paper on Fibonaccian searching

Letters to the editor: a program rack

Letter from the president of ACM

Algorithm 60: Romberg integration

The state of digital computer technology in Europe

This report indicates the level of computer development and application in each of the thirty countries of Europe, most of which were recently visited by the author

Operational compatability of systems—conventions

This project is engaged in (a) a program of research into the application of the concepts and techniques of modern data processing to the design of mechanical parts, and (b) the further development of automatic programming systems …

ALGOL 60 confidential

The ALGOL 60 Report,* when first encountered, seems to describe a very complex language which will be difficult to learn. The “metalinguistic formulae” admirably serve the purpose of precisely specifying a language, but they  …

Logic-structure tables

Logic tables are an excellent way of developing and expressing the logic required in procedures, operations, systems and circuits. A set of rules for writing and using logic tables is explained by means of some simple examples …

On a class of iteration formulas and some historical notes

The class of iteration formulas obtainable by rational approximations of “Euler's formula” is derived with the corresponding error estimates. Some historical notes on iterative procedures are followed by a derivation of Euler's …

Combat vehicle firing stability (active suspension)

On the approximation of curves by line segments using dynamic programming

Letter to the editor: Irons' procedure DIAGRAM