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Communications of the ACM

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From the President of ACM

Letters to the editor: corrections to Sattley paper in January communications

Design of an improved transmission/data processing code

Historically there has been strong difference of opinion in the construction of 6-bit (64-character) data codes, based upon whether the code is to be used for communications or data processing. This paper reports on investigation …

An indirect chaining method for addressing on secondary keys

Methods for entering random-access files on the basis of one key are briefly surveyed. The widely used chaining method, based on a pseudo-random key transformation, is reviewed in more detail. An efficient generalization of the …

Successive approximations and computer storage problems in ordinary differential equations

A method for evaluating the area of the normal function

Many statistical procedures require the cumulative area and ordinate of the normal function corresponding to a given deviate. The development of a computer program for the application of probit analysis [1] to bio-assay led to …

Automatic abstracting and indexing—survey and recommendations

In preparation for the widespread use of automatic scanners which will read documents and transmit their contents to other machines for analysis, this report presents a new concept in automatic analysis: the relative-frequency …

Computer-aided design

This project is engaged in (a) a program of research into the application of the concepts and techniques of modern data processing to the design of mechanical parts, and (b) the further development of automatic programming systems …

Man-machine communication via simplified English

Two specific projects are in process as part of an advanced planning effort for the development of automated techniques for command and control.

Algorithm 59: zeros of a real polynomial by resultant procedure

Algorithm 58: matrix inversion


Certification of algorithm 23: MATHSORT

Certification of algorithm 30: numerical solution of the polynomial equation

Letters to the editor: Boolean rings