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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: an open letter to Bob Bemer

Northwest computing association

Letters to the editor: Re: Rene De La Briandais' Letter on FORTRAN

Letters to the editor: on the calculation of interest

Letters to editor: word inversion

Letters to the editor: round-off

From the President of ACM

Computer languages for heuristic processes

The applicability of computers to many problem-solving situations—chess playing, mathematical proofs, music composition, etc.—has been demonstrated. We wish to explore further heuristic processes suggested by human problem-solving …

Universal computer-oriented language

The basic idea of UNCOL Universal Computer-Oriented Language—is to introduce a language between problem-oriented languages, POLs, and machine languages, MLs. This third level consists of a single language, UNCOL, which has the …

Problem-oriented programming language structure

Logical structure of compilers

Sound learning: an application of a computer to automated teaching


Automatic coding

SDC is currently engaged in producing a “JOVIAL” compiler for each of its computers. The compilers are being produced by a bootstrapping method similar to that described in a report on UNCOL [1]. In discussing the steps involved …

Monte Carlo

Comparison of iterative methods for the calculation of nth roots

Three iterative methods for calculation of nth roots (including one proposed by the author) are compared in two ways: (1) Theoretical convergence estimates are given. (2) A new macro-compiler which estimates machine running time …

Bitwise operations

Recent contributions on the subject of counting the ones or reversing the digits of a binary word have prompted some rather more general observations on bitwise operations which treat each binary digit in a computer word as a …

A generalized technique for symbol manipulation and numerical calculation

Algorithm 38: telescope 2

Algorithm 36: tchebycheff

Algorithm 35: Sieve

Algorithm 37: telescope 1

Algorithm 39: correlation coefficients with matrix multipliation

Algorithm 40: critical path scheduling

Remarks on algorithms 2 and 3

Certification of algorithm 4: bisection routine

Remark on algorithm 25: real zeros of an arbitrary function

Remark on algorithm 16: CROUT with pivoting

CAIN—a bombing mission planning tool

A alternate form of the “UNCOL diagram”