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Communications of the ACM

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Letter from the president of ACM

A card format for reference files in information processing

This paper proposes a card format suitable for a variety of reference files in information processing. An 80-column IBM card is divided into two fields—reference material field (columns 1-67) and identification field (columns …

Multiple-precision division

“On programming the numerical solution of polynomial equations”

Multiple programming data processing

Two subroutines for symbol manipulation with an algebraic compiler

The current University of North Carolina version of the IT Compiler [1, 2], as well as the GAT Compiler of Arden and Graham of the University of Michigan [3], have special “alphabetic read” and “alphabetic type” statements. On …

Comment on a paper on parallel processing

The article by Lynn Yarbrough on Parallel Processing in the October Communications is interesting since it attracts attention to a subject which needs to be given increased consideration. His indictment of manufacturers for failing …

The BKS system for the Philco-2000

The BKS System is a program sequencing system designed for the Philco-2000 computer to meet operational requirements of the Bettis and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories. The Philco-2000 on which this system is being used has a …

Algorithm 31: Gamma functions

Certification of Algorithm 3: Solution of polynomial equations by Bairstow Hitchcock method

Remark on Algorithm 20: Real exponential integral

Certification of Algorithm 13: Complex exponential integral

Algorithm 32: MULTINT

Algorithm 34: Gamma function

On finding minimum routes in a network with turn penalties

In some highway engineering work it is necessary to find a route between two points in a city's street and freeway network such that a function of time and distance is minimized. Such a route is called a “best” route, and finding …

Statistical programs at the University of North Carolina

The Research Computation Center at the University of North Carolina has access to a UNIVAC 1105 general purpose digital computer for use in connection with data processing problems, theoretical studies, and computer research. …

ADAM (Attrition Damage Assessment Model

ADAM is a computer routine designed to do a Monte Carlo simulation of a one-sided air battle. ADAM requires as input plans for bombing missions (including targets) the initial condition of defense installations (missile sites …

Mathematical model for a documentation system

The Center is currently engaged in a number of theoretical and basic research investigations which are expected to lead to the formulation of a theory of documentation and of searching strategy. A basic program is leading to  …

Symbolic analysis methods for information systems

The purpose of this research in the area of information systems is basically twofold: (1) to produce new techniques of systems analysis and systems design that will be free of many of the defects of present techniques, and (2) …