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Communications of the ACM

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Letter from the president of ACM

Specification languages for mechanical languages and their processors a baker's dozen: a set of examples presented to ASA x3.4 subcommittee

What is proprietary in mathematical programming?— impressions of a panel discussion

A panel discussion on “What is Proprietary in Mathematical Programming?” was sponsored by the Special Interest Committee on Mathematical Programming of the ACM during a Hall of Discussion/on September 7th at the 16TH National …

Algorithm 73: incompleter elliptic integrals

Remark on algorithm 62: a set of associate Legendre polynomials of the second kind

Remark on algorithm 28: least-squares fit by orthogonal polynomials

n-dimensional codes for detecting and correcting multiple errors0

The paper introduces a new family of codes for detecting and correcting multiple errors in a binary-coded message. The message itself is arranged (conceptually) into a multidimensional rectangular array. The processes of encoding …

Notes on geometric weighted check digit verfication

This note describes a method for utilizing geometric weight modulus 11 checking digits on a computer which does not have either multiplication or division. In addition some attempt has been made to show some limitations of this …

Machine calculation of moments of a probability distribution

A method is presented for the calculation on a machine of the moments of a probability distribution, necessitating little more than n additions and n references to memory for each moment, instead of the minimum of n multiplication …

Inefficiency of the use of Boolean functions for information retrieval systems

In this note we attempt to point out why boolean functions are, in general, not applicable in information retrieval systems.

Simulation and analysis of biochemical systems: I. representation of chemical kinetics

In the study of problems in chemical kinetics in ordinary solution, reactions which may be represented by chemical equations of the form3 A + B = C + D (1) are represented kinetically by the differential equations d(C)/dt = d …

Computer production of peek-a-boo sheets

Soviet cybernetics and computer sciences, 1960

This article records observations on Soviet research and technology in cybernetics and computer science, made by the author during a visit to the Soviet Union as a delegate to the IFAC Congress on Automatic Control held in Moscow …