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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letter from the president of ACM

Some proposals for improving the efficiency of ALGOL 60

Fitting spheres by the method of least squares

Low-level language subroutines for use within Fortran

Library loading with alternate routine selection


Algorithm 71: permutation

Alogithm 70: interpolation by Aitken

Tape splitting

Algorithm 72: composition generator

Certification of algorithm 68: augmentation

Certification of algorithm 42: invert

Remark on algorithm 52: a set of test matrices


Letter to the editor: defense of ALGOL 60

Letters to the editor: inversion of power series

On a program for Ray-Chaudhuri's algorithm for a minimum cover of an abstract complex

Programming a duplex computer system

Ballistic cam design

An engineering application of logic-structure tables