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Communications of the ACM

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Letter from the president

A preplanned approach to a storage allocating compiler

The preplanned approach to the storage allocation problem involves using a fixed method of analysis of a problem to produce an efficient computer program incorporating all necessary transfers of information within the multilevels …

The case for dynamic storage allocation

Programming is the process of developing a scheme for solving a problem using a computer. The programmer's task is to minimize the cost of achieving a solution. This cost involves the interrelated factors of planning, coding, …

A general formalation of storage allocation

Formalization of a general computer storage allocation process is attempted. With a given computer M is associated a fictitious computer M′ essentially identical to M except in respect to possession of unbounded primary storage …

Problems of storage allocation in a multiprocessor multiprogrammed system

Multiprogramming is defined here as the use of a buffered processor by time-sharing its central control and its memory between two or more object programs under control of an executive system.

Program organization and record keeping for dynamic storage allocation

The material presented in this paper is part of the design plan of the core allocation portion of the ACSI-MATIC Programming System. Project ACSI-MATIC is concerned with the application of computer techniques to the activities …

Dynamic storage allocation for an information retrieval system

This paper presents an information retrieval problem whose programming solution included dynamic storage allocation. Allocatable machine code is defined, and an assembly program to produce allocatable machine code is described …

Dynamic storage allocation in the Atlas computer, including an automatic use of a backing store

Experience in automatic storage allocation

A storage allocation scheme for ALGOL 60

A storage allocation scheme for a machine with a 2048-instruction core store and a magnetic drum is described. The use of the drum for storing program blocks and/or data must be directed by the programmer through auxiliary information …

A semi-automatic storage allocation system at loading time

The method of storage allocation described herein, although new in a few respects, does not represent any sharp break from the past. Rather it is another step of development suggested by experience accumulated over several years …

Techniques for storage allocation algorithms

Core allocation based on probability

We are discussing a method of core allocation proposed for use in a large-scale, real-time, man-machine, data processing and display system.

Stochastic evaluation of a static storage allocation

Letters to the editor: a goodness of fit test

Letters to the editor: ALGOL 60 comment

The international impact of computers

Just one year ago, I had the pleasure of surveying over 40 laboratories, factories and universities throughout Western Europe that were actively engaged in the computer field. Since then, many visitors from Europe have visited …