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Communications of the ACM

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Algorithms 13: complex exponential integral

Some thoughts on reconciling various character set proposals

Recently there have appeared several proposals for expanded character sets. In general, these differ in the following respects: the number of characters in the expanded set, the characters selected, card and/or tape code representation …

The multilingual terminology project

One of the most important and useful of the tasks which an international organization concerned with some specialized branch of pure or applied science is particularly well able to perform is the improvement of the technical  …

Multiprogram scheduling: parts 3 and 4. scheduling algorithm and external constraints

The scheduling algorithm examines the programs to be scheduled one by one and places their component rectangles in the corresponding load diagrams according to a set of placement rules.

Combining ALGOL statement analysis with validity checking

The article by Robert W. Floyd in the March 1960 issue described an algorithm for determining whether a given symbol string is a permissible ALGOL assignment statement. In his method Mr. Floyd replaces certain character pairs …

Programming compatibility in a family of closely related digital computers