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Communications of the ACM

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The future of automatic digital computers

Before discussing the future I want to talk about the past, which I find a source of disappointment. One of the things which prompted me to give the lecture its title was that a number of people who should know better have recently …

The department of computer mathematics at Moscow State University

For the preparation of specialists in computer and machine mathematics and the development of scientific work in this area, the department of computer mathematics was created in 1949 in Moscow State University within the staff …

Compiling connectives

The connectives “and”, “or” and their alternatives can be used to connect words, phrases or clauses in natural English. In the specifications for the FACT language for the Honeywell 800(1), authors attempted to include as many …

Note of amplification

Multiprogram scheduling: parts 1 and 2. introduction and theory

In order to exploit fully a fast computer which possesses simultaneous processing abilities, it should to a large extent schedule its own workload. The scheduling routine must be capable of extremely rapid execution if it is  …

A short method for measuring error in a least-squares power series

When fitting a curve to a set of points by means of a least-squares powers series, it is frequently desirable to obtain also a measure of the total error of the curve. Such error is most often measured by the size of the residual …

Conversion between floating point presentation

Algorithms: evaluation of the Legendre polynomial Pn(X) by recursion

Algorithms: evaluation of the Chebyshev polynomial Tn(X) by recursion

Algorithms: evaluation of the Hermite polynomial Hn(X) by recursion

Algorithms: evaluation of the Laguerre polynomial Ln(X) by recursion

Certification: rootfinder

Certification: solution of polynomial equation by Bairstow-Hitchcock method

The solution of simultaneous ordinary differential equations using a general purpose digital computer

Interval estimation of the time in one state to total time ratio in a double exponential process