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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor

Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machine, Part I

Symbol manipulation by threaded lists

An introduction to information processing language V

Syntactic and semantic augments to ALGOL

The purpose of this paper is to propose a set of syntactic and semantic augments to ALGOL. The proposed extension are designed to facilitate the description of “string” manipulation in that language; they do not constitute a  …

Macro instruction extensions of compiler languages

Macroinstruction compilers constructed from a small set of functions can be made extremely powerful. In particular, conditional assembly, nested definitions, and parenthetical notation serve to make a compiler capable of accepting …

Proving theorems by pattern recognition I

Decoding combinations of the first n integers taken k at a time

The following problem arose in connection with some studies involving game programming: the representation of any position in the game tree was formed by a sequence of k different integers selected from the first n integers.n …

A control system for logical block diagnosis with data loading

This paper describes a section of an integrated diagnostic monitor system which facilitates the checking of sections of instructions or subroutines anywhere in the object program. A new method of specifying all diagnostic operations …

Algorithms: Euclidean algorithm

Algorithms: Bessel function I, asymptotic expansion

Algorithms: Bessel function I, series expansion

A high-speed multiplication process for digital computers

A imaginary number system

For centuries the decimal number system reigned supreme, except, perhaps, among the Mayan Indians, until the advent of digital computers brought the binary and octal systems into the limelight. This paper introduces another number …