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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor

From the president of ACM

Algorithms 21: Bessel function for a set of integer orders

Algorithm 22: Riccati-Bessel functions of first and second kind

Algorithm 23: MATH SORT

Algorithm 24: solution of tri-diagonal linear equations

Remark on algorithm 15: rootfinder II

Algorithm 25: real zeros of an arbitrary function

Algorithm 26: rootfinder III

Algorithm 27: assignment

The assignment problem is formulated and briefly discussed. An efficient algorithm for its solution is presented in ALGOL code. An empirical relation between solution time and the size of the problem is given, based on extensive …

Algorithm 28: least squares fit by orthogonal polynomials

Algorithm 29: polynomial transformer

An algorithm for the assignment problem

Compilation for two computers with NELIAC

NELIAC, a compiler based on ALGOL, was developed at the U. S. Navy Electronics Laboratory, San Diego, California, as a “bootstrap” compiler for the Remington Rand Univac COUNTESS computer. This compiler was used to generate a …

Least squares fitting of a great circle through points on a sphere

version of itself which, running as a COUNTESS program, generated machine code for the Control Data Corporation CDC-1604 computer. This second compiler was then used to generate a version of NELIAC for the CDC-1604. All three …

Over all computation control and labelling

The primary function of computer installation is (as everyone knows) to solve useful problems. The programs that accomplish such solutions are called production programs, and when they are applied to a particular set of dataproduction …

A simple technique for coding differential equations

A computer program that will solve an arbitrary system of first-order differential equations according to some conventional numerical method may be considered to have two distinct parts. The main program performs all of the operations …

An estimation of the relative efficiency of two internal sorting methods

This report concerns the IBM 705, models I and II. It is a study of the machine time required by two internal sorting methods, the conventional two-way merge, and a form of the binary search, which is due to D. Mordy, of the  …

The sumador chino

On a recent motor trip through Mexico, the writer came across an adding device which was referred to as a sumador chino (Chinese adder). A survey of the more available literature on the history of mathematics and on instruments …

Character scanning on the IBM 7070

One general requirement in the construction of symbol manipulators and automatic programming systems is the need to scan a line of information, usually from left to right, and to break down or subdivided this line into words, …