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Majority of U.S. Teens Feel Prepared for Careers in Science and Technology, Yet Many Lack Mentors

According to this year

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Nearly 1 Million Jobs Could Be Created by IT Stimulus Package, Think Tank Says

A $30 billion investment in the U.S. IT industry would create or help retain nearly 1 million jobs, concludes "The Digital Road to Recovery: A Stimulus Plan to...

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Teaching Intangibles With Technology

European and Israeli researchers have developed an education system that focuses on teaching students critical thinking, social interaction, discourse, rhetoric...

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More and More, Schools Got Game

Teachers are increasingly incorporating video games, virtual reality, and simulations to improve education. Business and science classes are starting to use sophisticated...

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Information Architecture for Digital Libraries

The libraries of the 21st century will be Web-based, but the technologies, standards, and architecture that future digital libraries will use are still being defined...

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How to Land Interviews for IT Jobs in a Tough Market

Katherine Spencer Lee of Robert Half Technology provides some tips and suggestions for landing IT job interviews during a difficult hiring environment. While the...

From ACM CareerNews

Five Steps to Improve Performance and Save Your Job

There are five steps that any IT worker can take to improve performance and increase their job security. Recognizing that employers are asking IT workers to do...

From ACM TechNews

Leaving the Rat Race to Save the World

Companies are offering their IT employees the opportunity to volunteer for projects in developing countries, and some IT workers, frustrated by a lack of purpose...

From ACM TechNews

The 9 Hottest Skills for '09

Even with a struggling economy and record unemployment, certain IT skills will be in high demand in the coming year. Programming and application development will...

From ACM TechNews

Wanted: More Science and Math Teachers in the US

During the next decade U.S. schools are expected to need at least 200,000 new science and math teachers, and many districts already face shortages. In at least...

From ACM TechNews

Stimulus Could Boost IT Job Prospects

The overall outlook for IT employment in 2009 is mixed, but some analysts say the U.S. federal economic stimulus package could add IT positions. Compared to jobs...

From ACM CareerNews

ACM Wants Computer Science in on Obama's K-12 Education Plan

The Association for Computing Machinery has called on the incoming Obama Administration to re-think the way that computer science is taught in the K-12 public education...

From ACM CareerNews

IT Future Looks Golden

The latest employment projections from the U.S. Department of Labor suggest a positive outlook for careers related to information technology. In spite of offshore...

From ACM CareerNews

How to Ask for a Raise During a Recession

Salary negotiation is rarely easy, but it's especially fraught with difficulties during a recession, when companies are scaling back to save every penny. Asking...

From ACM CareerNews

Engineers Confront the Rising Tide of Job, Economic Fears

The 2008 Annual EE Times Salary Survey presents a seeming paradox. At the same time that engineers all over the world are concerned about their job security and...

From ACM CareerNews

The Future of HR and IT Will Be Offshore

With the threat of economic recession looming, many experts are pointing to a fundamental change in the way that organizations handle HR functions. According to...

From ACM CareerNews

Away From the Desk . . . Always

Two New Zealand researchers analyze a new class of IT worker that they refer as nanobots: Nearly Autonomous, Not in the Office, doing Business in their Own Time...

From ACM CareerNews

How Many IT Jobs Will Obama Help Create?

With President-elect Barack Obama widely expected to sign a significant federal stimulus bill shortly after taking office in January, the IT industry is hopeful...

From ACM News

Professional Development Key to Improving Math Achievement

Teachers have a greater impact than new textbooks or computers when it comes to raising math scores, according to a comprehensive research review by the Johns Hopkins...

From ACM Careers

Ten Steps Techies Should Take to Keep Their Jobs in a Financial Meltdown

Against the backdrop of a slowing economy, there are a number of steps that corporate IT professionals can take to increase their job security. With belt-tightening...
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