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Technology Outsourcing to Chindia?

China and India, the two most populous nations in the world, are leading the world in technology-based outsourcing. With a combined total of about 2.4 billion people, the two countries are producing some of the best trained computer scientists and electrical engineering graduates who can be hired for a lot less than their Western counterparts. The result is a technology outsourcing bonanza.

China and India offer low-cost technology outsourcing services to companies in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Does low cost imply low quality? On the contrary, both China and India are becoming innovators in both software and hardware development. With hundreds of thousands of highly educated, highly trained computer scientists and engineers at their disposal,  Chindia will continue to grow technology outsourcing services in the coming years as long as they continue to provide quality, low cost services to  companies in America and other Western countries.

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