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44% of U.S. Job Postings Have Salary Information in Them

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Fifty-three percent of job postings in California contain salary info, 44% in New York, and 35% in Texas.

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With data on almost 5 million active job vacancies, DirectlyApply analyzed salary transparency across U.S. states and also job categories. Forty-four percent of job postings across the U.S. contain salary information as of November 3, 2023.

By job category, Military and Information Technology positions lead with 58% and 57% respectively including salary information. Forty-seven percent of Education positions included salary info, 45% of Management positions, 39% of Science jobs, and 31% of Engineering.

Job seekers with access to accurate salary information can make informed decisions about their careers, negotiate fair compensation, and ensure that their financial needs are met. Employers benefit as well: it can help attract top talent, reduce turnover, build trust with their workforce and crucially, increase efficiency for all parties during the hiring process.

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