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Do Programming Certifications Still Matter?

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The shift to the cloud is driving demand for specific skills and certifications.

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With demand for programmers high, is it really worthwhile for software developers to pursue certifications? Based on input from coders, company executives, and recruiters, the answer is a resounding yes.

Certifications show that a worker is committed to the field, invested in career growth, and connected to the broader technology landscape, says Archie Payne, president of CalTek Staffing.

For employers, programming certifications can help streamline the hiring process, says Aleksa Krstic, CTO at Localizely. In cases where multiple candidates are equally qualified, having a relevant certification can give one candidate an edge over others, Krstic says.

Certifications are "a big green light for our hiring team," says MichaƂ Kierul, CEO of   INTechHouse. "It's not just about the knowledge they have gained," Kierul says. "It speaks volumes about their passion, their drive to excel, and their commitment to continuous learning outside their regular work domain. It underscores a key trait we highly value: the desire to grow, learn, and elevate oneself in the world of technology."

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