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AI Buzz Dominates Annual Ed-Tech Conference

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More than one-third of surveyed campus CTOs said they are considering experimenting with AI.

Credit: The Digital Speaker

Generative AI is so pervasive a topic in education circles that Educause made it an "honorary topic" on its top 10 list of strategic trends for 2024.

About one out of eight non-corporate, regular sessions at Educause's annual conference this year were focused on AI, according to a rough count. In comparison, last year the conference had zero sessions focused solely on AI technology and only three to four poster presentations.

Heath Price, an associate vice president at the University of Kentucky, assured his audience of higher-ed attendees that they are not alone if they feel lost, left behind, or are struggling to catch up to the artificial intelligence frenzy. "We don't know what we're doing yet," he said. "We're experimenting, exploring how we can think about different tools."

Brian Basgen, CIO at Emerson College, advocated for experimentation.

"Try it every day, at least once a day," he said. "Throw at it some sort of real problem you're trying to solve. Really importantly, do not take the first response. It is at best a rough draft. Keep interacting with it two, three, four times; see where it takes you. That's troubleshooting the model, giving it more context. It's going to make you better at prompting it, and as a technologist, it's going to help you understand how it's working."

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