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Study Finds That Chatbots Rival Humans in Creative Thinking

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cauldron of fire inside a human head, illustration

AI surpassed the average human's ability to generate ideas when using the AUT, a common test of creative thinking.

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The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) has resulted in generative AI chatbots that can produce high-quality artworks, raising questions about the differences between human and machine creativity. A study that compared the creativity of humans with three current AI chatbots found that, on average, the AI chatbots outperformed human participants.

While human responses included poor-quality ideas, the chatbots generally produced more creative responses. However, the best human ideas still matched or exceed those of the chatbots.

The study highlights the potential of AI as a tool to enhance creativity, and underscores the unique and complex nature of human creativity that may be difficult to fully replicate or surpass with AI technology.

From Scientific Reports
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