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Workers Fear Being Considered 'Lazy' If They Use AI Tools

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Leaders need to give workers a thoughtful plan to leverage AI successfully, the report suggests.

Credit: Zapier

Though generative AI tools may help workers code, write, organize, brainstorm, and more, many employees refrain from using AI due to concerns about what it will say about their work ethic, according to "The State of AI at Work" from Asana.

The report found that 26% of surveyed workers are worried they will be viewed as lazy for using AI, while one in five say they would feel like frauds for using the technology. More alarming, 92% are concerned about AI being used unethically.

Asana surveyed over 4,500 individual contributors, middle and senior managers, and executives in the U.S. and U.K. regarding their thoughts about AI at work. The findings show the need for clear AI policies that define what is allowed and encouraged.

"Employees can't navigate this AI shift alone," says Saket Srivastava, Asana CIO. "They need clear guidelines to understand AI's role in their functions, along with tailored training and accessible technologies to fully harness AI's capabilities."

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