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AI Is Changing the Game for Job Seekers

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line of job applicants under an x-ray-like scanner, illustration

Today's applicants may be rejected by a robot before they connect with an actual human.

Credit: Zooey Liao / CNET

As artificial intelligence advances, employers are increasingly relying on a combination of predictive analytics, machine learning, and complex algorithms to sort through candidates, evaluate their skills, and estimate their performance.

The job market is ripe for the explosion of AI recruitment tools. Hiring managers are coping with deflated HR budgets while confronting growing pools of applicants. As automated software makes pivotal decisions about employment, it raises fundamental questions about privacy, accountability, and transparency. 

"No one really understands what's happening to them as they navigate the process," says Mitra Ebadolahi, senior project director for economic justice at Upturn. That's disempowering, she says.

Most experts say recruitment is a human-driven process. Tailoring an application for an Applicant Tracking System, the software that recruiters and employers use to track and screen candidates, just helps you get a foot in the door, says Ankur Chaudhari, product lead for Jobscan.

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