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Hustlers Exploit ChatGPT To Take On More Full-Time Jobs

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man juggling four balls with ChatGPT icons, illustration

One worker handling four jobs with the help of ChatGPT says "five would probably just be overkill.”

For a small cohort of fast-thinking and occasionally devious go-getters, AI technology like ChatGPT and similar products has turned into an opportunity to be exploited, with their employers apparently none the wiser.

Some were drawn to be multi-job hustlers, a community that refers to themselves online as the "overemployed," as a result of ChatGPT. Others who were already working multiple jobs have used recent advancements in AI to turbocharge their situation, like one Ohio-based technology worker who upped his number of jobs from two to four after he started to integrate ChatGPT into his work process. "I think five would probably just be overkill," he said.

Throughout the overemployed community, there is a quiet arms race to figure out just how much of the corporate workday can be automated away using an assortment of AI tools, some of which predate ChatGPT. The possibility of increasing their income, or at least easing the burden of holding down multiple jobs, has led to an explosion of experimentation.

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