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AI Enhances Learning in the Architecture Classroom

GWU senior Abbie McGrann works at a laptop computer with Assistant Professor Douglas Crawford

Assistant Professor Douglas Crawford (right) says prompts to Midjourney that use the specialized language of architecture and design get better results.

Credit: William Atkins / GW Today

Douglas Crawford encourages his interior architecture students at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University to use a new artificial intelligence tool called Midjourney as another tool in a designer's kit.


"It's basically a digital art creation platform," Crawford says. The platform can quickly create rendered floor plans, material palettes, perspective renderings, and more. "This is a really useful tool that can produce both academic and professional design content very quickly that would otherwise take a lot of work," he says.

Midjourney is available free for a trial period, then for a monthly fee. "Anything you can describe with words, it can create an image of," Crawford says. "If your prompt describes an L-shaped, 5,000 square-foot house in Arizona with one floor, and a kitchen next to a living room, it would produce it. And it will produce four variations of it."

Images are produced as common PNG files and can be exported to other programs like Photoshop or Illustrator for editing and further work. Midjourney's speed is "kind of incredible," Crawford says.

From George Washington University
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