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Russian Developers Blocked from Contributing to FOSS Tools

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computer displays 'no entry' sign

The sanctions appear to view the coders as taking part in the war.

Two recent incidents have seen Russian developers being blocked from public development of FOSS code. Both events have caused active, and sometimes heated, discussions in FOSS developer communities.

One involved a contribution from Sergey Seminon to the Linux Kernel Mailing List, which was refused with the terse notice. "We don't feel comfortable accepting patches from or relating to hardware produced by your organization," it said. "Please withhold networking contributions until further notice."

The other was a more general block on the GitHub account of developer Alexander Amelkin, who described what happened on the project's older Soureforge page. "Sorry to say, but on March 1st without any prior notice or any explanation whatsoever, GitHub has suspended my personal account and made orphan all the projects that I owned/maintained," he wrote.

Refusing code contributions does not inconvenience Russia in any way. It merely means that the rest of the world can't benefit from the code.

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