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Laid Off Cloud Pros Take the Gig Path

gig professional sitting on a cloud, illustraton

Many cloud pros find the gig model to be a better option after a layoff.

Credit: Getty Images

Recent tech industry layoffs are driving a wave of "solopreneurs" to gig work or independent contracting to deliver key cloud advisory services or even completed cloud-based systems.

Instead of opting for a full-time job with benefits at companies that can't guarantee a job for life, these tech professionals are exploring more entrepreneurial options.

Sixty-three percent of tech workers report they have started their own company post-layoff, according to a recent survey. People doing cloud-based gig jobs range from pros with years of experience to the only recently certified. Even those with rudimentary skills find that they have a full dance card.

Those who venture out on their own see an average increase of $13,000 in yearly income, and 58% feel better about their new job security, the survey found. And 93% report they are now competing with the company that let them go.

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